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Electrical installation and repairs. We will work with your insurance company on all cases covered by your insurance.

"Emergency service available 365 days a year in the Houston Texas Metropolitan area"
Celebrating 31 years in Business!... With ElectricanMan you're in good hands...

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With highly skilled, trained, & certified electricians. You will have peace of mind knowing with your electrician comes the highest quality & training.

ElectricianMan performs electrical service to residential and commercial customers.

Need an outlet installed or a panel replaced? How about installing ceiling fans to help reduce your energy cost? ElectricianMan is the right company for your service needs.

By using ElectricianMan, you will not only get the service you want and need. You will also gain insight in to the Why's and What's of your electrical system. Your ElectricianMan will help you understand your electrical system. Typical events, what you can do and what is needed. This will save you money in your electrical repairs and services.

You will also have piece of mind knowing that, ElectricianMan will be around for the future. With current services throughout the entire Houstin, Texas Metro area. ElectricianMan will be there for you. Maybe your just moving across town from one side of town to the other, ElectricianMan is there for you. Your in good hands!

Need to add additional outlets? or separate your bathroom GFI's? Whether you are replacing your service panel or repairing a light that does not work? ElectricianMan is the right choice.

Is your electrical equipment old? You may have heard. "It's too old or too expensive." Some electricians will tell you it's just too old or not safe. ElectricianMan electricians are well educated and have clear understanding with all electrical equipment. Just because, it's old does not mean it's not good. As a matter of fact. Most old equipment is not only safe. Parts are available and the system is working as it did when it was installed. Having the right Electrician can make all the difference.

Did you know that ElectricianMan average time on a service call is less than, 1.5 hours?.. Because we are educated in the science of energy, we understand and can identify your electrical issue with an outlet, switch, GFI, ceiling fan, panel or wiring in only a few minutes in most cases. This saves you time & money. so, The next time you need an electrician? Contact ElectricianMan.

ElectricianMan offers 20% off your labor bill simply by applying online for your electrical needs. Registration takes only a few seconds. You only provide your name & E-Mail. That's it. Then you can request service online, Give feedback to the service you received and take advantage of specials. Just one more way that ElectricianMan is working to help you save and be safe.

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© 2017 ElectricianMan | All Rights Reserved.